Project overview

The HyUnder project will provide the first European-wide assessment of the potential for hydrogen storage in underground salt caverns to renewable electricity over the long term. The project will also analyse hydrogen storage interactions with the transport sector and other markets, while considering public acceptance and regulatory issues.

The project is divided in 8 Work Packages, where each project participant plays a key role in analysing specific issues. To ensure maximum stakeholders involvement and visibility, the overall work plan foresees the organization of two conferences and six specialized workshops in different European countries.

As a first step, HyUnder will document the current state of learning on the benchmarking of large-scale seasonal hydrogen underground storage against other competing technologies(Work Package 2). In parallel, HyUnder will perform a throughout assessment of geologic options for hydrogen underground storage (Work Package 3). The project will follow up byformulating relevant criteria for mapping European regions potential for geologic underground hydrogen storage (Work Package 4).

A further essential topic in HyUnder is the assessment of below and above ground plant and process technology which is required for safe operation of the hydrogen underground storage plant (Work Package 5). Within this topic, issues such as public acceptance will also be explored.

The results of the previous steps will allow project participants to develop a series of individual case studies on hydrogen underground storage for France, Germany, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK (Work Package 6).

Finally, HyUnder will develop an implementation plan for hydrogen underground storage in Europe. It is intended that the results become easily available for those European regions with further interest in the project (Work Package 8).

Throughout the project a targeted communication strategy will be implemented (Work Package7). Two conferences and a series of six specialized workshops will be organized to present the study results and interact with interested stakeholders. For more information on the next event, go to our "News and Section".

HyUnder is being financed via the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Initiativeas part of European Union's Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013), under grant agreement no 303417.