Work Package 2: Benchmarking of large scale hydrogen underground storage

WP2's main objective is to document the current state of learning on the benchmarking of large-scale seasonal hydrogen underground storage against other competing concepts, such as:

  • (advanced) compressed air energy storage (CAES),
  • pumped hydro power schemes,
  • storage of methanised H2 (SNG),
  • H2 mixed in with natural gas or other chemicals (e.g. methanol),
  • large scale battery storage,
  • other grid-based structural measures.

The draft results will bereviewed by relevant experts in the field who will participate in the project as supporting partners and will provide a benchmark scenario for the following work packages. Important benchmarking topics are the implementation of end-user requirements, technology and economic aspects as well as qualitative considerations of potential obstacles to apply the concepts. A set of criteria for the evaluation of the most convenient option will be developed at the end of the project.

This work package is led by LBST from Germany.