Work Package 6: Representative Case Studies with a focus on salt cavern storage

WP6 scope is to consolidate the development of the individual case studies on Hydrogen Underground Storage for France, Germany, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, and the UK. It comprises three major tasks:

  • Development of a common methodology for all individual case studies,
  • Development of the individual Case Study by each responsible partner,
  • Comparison of the individual Case Studies.

Even though not all individual approaches may be fully identical, the objective of WP6 is to understand the relevance of hydrogen underground storage across Europe, possible regional contribution to balancing fluctuating renewable energy and the potential commitment of industry and politics to embrace it as an important storage element of future energy markets. In order to increase the relevance of these Case Studies, supporting partners will be consulted for a thorough review.

This work package will be led by Hydrogen Aragon from Spain. The following partners will be take charge of the development of the individual case studies: Hinicio (France), LBST (Germany), National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Centre (Romania), Hydrogen Aragon (Spain), ECN (the Netherlands), Cenex (UK).